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What is Flyball?

Flyball is a team sport consisting of four dogs, two "spare" dogs, and their handlers. It is a relay race between two teams where the dogs run over four hurdles, retrieve a tennis ball from a spring loaded box, and then return the ball to the handler by running back over the jumps. The first team to have all four dogs run without errors wins the heat. Free Fur All at Cynosports, Nov 2008

Flyball was invented in California in the late 1970's. After a demonstration on "The Tonight Show", the game of flyball soared in popularity. The first flyball tournament was held in 1983. Two years later, the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) was formed to standardize the rules, keep track of tournament scores, and guide the direction of the sport of flyball. There are now over 700 teams and over 16,000 dogs registered with NAFA!

The sport is not limited to any one breed of dog; purebred and mixed breeds may compete. Teams compete in divisions against other teams of equal ability, and earn points towards NAFA titles. The sport is competitive and fun, providing endless hours of enjoyment for dogs, their handlers and spectators alike.

Flyball Frequently Asked Questions

Each dog earns points every time a team races in a NAFA sanctioned Flyball tournament with a recorded time.

Joanne and Chum - Abbotsford 2007
Abbr Title Points Award
FD Flyball Dog 20 Certificate
FDX Flyball Dog Excellent 100 Certificate
FDCh Flyball Dog Champion 500 Certificate
FDCh-S Flyball Dog Champion Silver 1,000 Certificate
FDCh-G Flyball Dog Champion Gold 2,500 Certificate
FM Flyball Master 5,000 Pin & Certificate
FMX Flyball Master Excellent 10,000 Pin & Certificate
FMCh Flyball Master Champion 15,000 Pin & Certificate
ONYX ONYX Award 20,000 Pin & Plaque
FGDCh Flyball Grand Champion 30,000 Pin & Plaque
HOBBES Hobbes Awards 100,000 Plaque