The Toonies Flyball Club was founded by Elsie-May Lang, who has been active in the sport since it came to British Columbia in the mid 1980's. Our priority is to enjoy the time spent with our canine and human companions in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere - we want all our members to do their best, and most of all have fun doing so! Details on our club requirements and expectations can be found here.

Please contact Elsie May Lang for information about practice times and ongoing classes.

Flyball History

(Courtesy of the official NAFAweb site)

Flyball got its start in the late 1960's and early 1970's, when a group of dog trainers in Southern California created scent discrimination hurdle racing, then put a guy at the end to throw tennis balls to the dogs when they finished the jump line. It didn't take long for the group to decide to build some sort of tennis ball-launching apparatus, and the first flyball box was born. Herbert Wagner is credited with developing the first flyball box, and apparently he did a flyball demo on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson that got a lot of peoples attention. Subsequently, the new dog sport for dog enthusiasts was introduced in the Toronto-Detroit area by several dog training clubs. After a few small tournaments were held in conjunction with dog shows, the first ever flyball tournament was held in 1983.

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