Co-hosted by TDS and OnYourBark Flyball Teams


Welcome all to the TDS/OYB Howloween Flyball Fest 2004.  We are very excited and looking forward to a lot of flyball and fun!

First, for the not-so-fun stuff: A few camp/cabin rules:

  Park wherever you like, but keep off the grass please, and keep the roadways clear.

  Please pick up your cigarette butts.

  Please pick up after your dog.

  Please keep dogs away from the horses, sheep, goats, llamas and other camp animals.

  No smoking inside the camp buildings.

  Please put a tarp or blanket under your crates in the crating area, as the floors are brand-new.

Second, for the fun stuff!:

Flyball Info:

Building will be open for unloading boxes until
9pm Friday night.  Boxes must be in the building to be checked by 7am Saturday morning.
7:00 am-box check
7:20 am-height dog measuring
7:45 am-Captain's meeting
8:00 am-Racing begins

Warm-ups will start at 2 minutes, to be reduced if needed.

Scoring will be 1 point for the heat, and 1 point for the win.  Those that have 4/4 racing will receive 1/2 point for ties.

Placement ties will be settled by fastest head-to-head.

You may put tents up outside for crating purposes, if you like.

There is a camp map in the crating area to help you find your way around.


There will be a caterer on-site to provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.  There are restaurants in nearby
Greensboro, about 20-25 minutes away, if you choose to go out instead.  Out of the camp, take hwy 68 South, turn left onto hwy 220 South.  This will take you into NW Greensboro.  There is also a Tasty-Freeze at the gas station/convenience store near the camp.

Ice is available in the camp kitchen.

There is a small kitchenette in the crating area for your use.


We have lots of really awesome raffle items.  Tickets are available for:
1 for $1
6 for $5
Stretch for $20


**NEW** Karaoke on Saturday night!

There will be signs to direct you down to the lake.  There is a dock if you would like to practice your aqua-launch!   There is also shallow water entry for those dogs who like to swim but don't like to launch.

Scary Halloween movies (and free popcorn!) will be played throughout the day and night in the mess hall, to watch while taking breaks or chillin' in the evening.

The Rec center has pool tables, fuseball and card tables for free use Friday and Saturday evenings.

For Cabin-Dwellers:

Move-in any time after
2 pm on Friday.  Those who haven't paid for their cabin will need to do so soon after arrival on Friday.  See anyone from OYB or TDS.

Bedding and towels are not supplied, you will need to bring your own. Bathroom paper products are supplied by camp.

Cabins are unlocked.  Follow the directional signs to find your cabin.  You will not need to check-in with a TDS/OYB person before taking posession of your cabin.

Please leave cabins as you found them, and please do not smoke inside the cabins.

Cabins must be cleaned up and vacated 1 hour after the awards ceremony.

For RV-Dwellers:

RV parking will be in the Riding Arena parking lot at each of the far ends of the L-shaped lot.  $10 checks to be made payable to
Camp Carefree and turned in to a TDS/OYB person after arrival.  Remember to mark your checkbook, as this is a tax-deductable donation!


If you need anything before Friday, email me at  If you need anything on Friday email Susan at


For an address to yahoomap it, and a camp map, click here

See you this weekend!!