Co-hosted by TDS and OnYourBark Flyball Teams

Dates:  October 30 & 31

Location:  Camp Carefree Stokesdale,NC

Entry:  If you would like a flier and entry form please email and Beth will email one to you.
It is unlimited regular and multi-breed $125 per team. 
Mail to Meg Arpe 6915 Garrett Store Rd, Liberty, NC 27298

Crating: There is indoor, climate controlled crating with windows into the arena.  There is also unlimited shade and grass available for outdoor crating. The building is very new, so we ask that you
lay a tarp or blanket under your crates in the indoor crating area.

Lodging: On-site cabin lodging available for $15 per night, per bed.  The 6 Cabins are climate controlled with 12 twin beds in each. 
We will have 2 girls only, 1 boys only and the rest co-ed. 
If your team would like to rent an entire 12 bed cabin, cost is
$160 per night (cheaper than per bed if you have a large team!)
You must provide your own sheets, pillows and towels.
Email Meg to reserve your bed on-site.   
The 2 closest hotels available that allow dogs are 30-35 minutes
from the site (more info on the website).  RVs are allowed
for $10 per night (no hook-ups) made payable directly
to Camp Carefree.  It is a non-profit camp for handicapped kids,
so this is a tax-deductible donation. No tent camping please.

Food: We will have a caterer there to provide breakfast,
lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast
and lunch on Sunday in the mess hall. 
There will also be drinks and snacks available all day. 
There are restaurants and fast food in Greensboro, approx.
20-25 minutes south of the camp.

Activities:  We will have a raffle for you to try your luck! 
Saturday night camp activities for those staying on-site
include aqua-launch at the lake, Billiards, Fuse ball,
nature trails, tennis courts, playground,  a bonfire,
and of course scary Halloween movies in the mess hall!