Crazy Flyball Dog

TDS Flyball

Crazy Flyball Dog

Flyball is a relay race with a team of four dogs running over four jumps to a box at the end of the racing lane, which they trigger to project a ball to the dog. The dog must catch the ball and return over the four jumps to the handler. Each dog on the team runs immediately after the other dog, passing at full speed across the start/finish line in opposing directions, flowing like traffic. Ten to twenty feet beside your team is another team trying to do the same thing faster than you! Teams actually can consist of six dogs that rotate throughout the tournament, and most clubs have multiple teams! In other words, you never have too many dogs (or humans) to run Flyball! Dogs and handlers earn points when they compete based on the speed of the team. Titles are given when a dog attains a certain number of points.   

Triad Dog Sports has one of the fastest teams in Region 9 (West Virginia to South Carolina), and aspire to achieve the Regional speed record.  We also have "fun teams" that compete just for recreation.  Triad Dog Sports' focus is on teamwork and friendship, and we treat each other like family.  While dogs do earn individual titles, we first strive for team and club achievements and goals. 

We are always welcoming new members to our Flyball family.  Come to a practice and meet us! We practice regularly on Wednesday nights, and occasionally on Sundays. See our practice info page for a schedule and location map.

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