Pockets, Shetland Sheepdog

Registered Name:

PickPocket Mcfey
Call Name: Pockets
Date of Birth: 8 February, 1995
Titles: Companion Dog Excellent, Flyball Dog Excellent
Handlers: Dave and Phyllis Panting
Favorite Passtimes: Obedience work, Retrieving, Chewing anything, and her great love is Flyball

Pockets, Doin' Hard Time!  Picture at eight weeks old, puppies are so cute.  She matured at 14 inches of pure retrieving fool. By the time she was six months old she was beating her parents to the ball two out of three times, and by the time she was a year old she had it nine times out of ten, but the one didn't matter because she stole it out of their mouths before they could get it back to us, so she ended up getting it anyway!

Pockets earned her name the day she stole a handkerchief from Phyllis' mother's pocket at about ten weeks old. 

Pockets was a trial (read joy) to have around as a puppy - pure energy and always on the go. One day she decided to save Phyllis the job of linebrushing her - she went behind the sofa and chewed the lamp cord.  Phyllis got a shock herself checking to see what happened after Pockets came out with her hair standing up and smoking! Yes, we did take up all the cords after we learned that lesson!

Pockets began 1998 by competing for her CD title and gaining it in three straight trials with three high in class placings. In May she was eligible to compete for her CDX and she gained that title in four trials. She took a forced leave of absence from trialing for most of July and August and competed in her last trial of the year in mid October but was still listed #11 Obedience Sheltie in Canada for 1998 as compiled from Dogs in Canada. We are proud she did so well with such limited trialing.

Pockets and I doing the Open B Heel Free routine,  July 98. Photo by June Zwicker.