Pepper, American Staffordshire Terrier

Pepper is now NAFA's Number Five American Staffordshire Terrier and looks to be among the first five of her breed to achieve the FMX title!

Congratulations to Pepper and her proud owner!

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Heaven Gift of Moonshadow


American Staffordshire Terrier

15 December 1998


Brenda Pettigrew

Frisbee, Swimming, Fetch, Running, Jumping, and anything that involves toys.

Pepper came to Canada from Lleida, Spain on 31 January 1999 at the age of six weeks.  Since landing in Nova Scotia she has kept friends and family on their toes.

Pepper has a very high play drive.  Since Am Staffs are considered 'couch potatoes' there had to be an outlet for all this energy.  Pepper loves to challenge people and other dogs.  this is when we discovered Flyball.  We started Flyball because I was looking for something to do with Pepper that we would both enjoy.  Her interest in the sport became my interest in the sport.  She loves the excitement and also the competition against the other dogs (see note).  You can tell by her level of concentration that she is enjoying herself.

Her best buddy is Chesterfield the cat (the only one in the family that can almost outrun her).  When she is in 'rest mode' she likes to snuggle with Rolie and Nikki, her two bulldog siblings, but I know that she likes to snuggle with her 'Mom' the most!
Pepper is usually our start dog - her great speed allows her to outpace most other dogs, including all but the fastest border collies.  She displayed her competitive spirit in our first tournament when a heat was whistled down for a false start.  She looked right at Phil Taylor when she returned and barked just as if to say "What???  Are you Blind!?  That was not a false start!"  All Phil could do was roll his eyes and throw his hands up as if to say 'Everyone's a critic!'


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