Lucy, Border Collie


Date of Birth: 5 May 2001
Parents: Jennifer MacKay & Tony Juurlink

Flyball, frisbee, soccer, kids, other dogs, swimming, chasing laser light, hiking and camping with family, peanut butter in my kong

"It is yourself that is smart."  -Alastair MacLeod.  An excerpt from "The Island" in reference to a character talking to their border collie.

Lucy is a beautiful tri-colour border collie. She comes from Roy Robinson's farm around the Albany, N.S. area.  Her sire is Scotty, a famous BC who does the NS exhibition circuit demonstrating border collie herding qualities.  Unfortunately, we don't have sheep in our backyard, and the 4 kitty cats in our home don't like being herded, so we needed an outlet for Lucy's energy and brains. Not knowing a whole lot about it, we turned to flyball.  It certainly has been a great outlet for burning off some of her energy.  She loves it and the other dogs and handlers.  As for challenging her, well she learned it rather quickly.  But she has also learned to turn off her enthusiasm when she is bored with it.  Anyone who says she doesn't know the game is incorrect. She knows it all too well.  And she wants to play by her own rules, hence the opening quote.  This has proven a challenge for us to overcome.  But we are persisting and it's beginning to pay off.  Anyone experiencing similar problems with their flyball dog should contact us for the various things we did that did and didn't work. 

Lucy is extremely fast and she demonstrates this every Wednesday at flyball practice.  Once she drops the 'tude, we know she'll be valuable addition at the competitions. It is for that reason and because she gets so much out of it physically and enjoys it so much, that we continue with flyball and working past her attitude.  Lucy is super friendly to all people, kids and dogs, and even cats. She's pretty happy go-lucky. She loves to be loved and returns it back with hugs.  Unlike what we have heard of some border collies, she is not the least bit territorial and welcomes anyone who comes to our yard and home with her own language...'wooooo wooooo wooooo'. And now that she's older (2), she has greatly settled down into a calm, loving family pet. When not doing flyball, Lucy is a completely different dog. The only other thing we can think of that she shows so much enthusiasm and focus on is chasing the red laser light. She knows the word 'laser' and we believe she's started to learn the spelling of it. She has a little brother, Charlie who is a great playmate for her. Charlie may soon be running with her on the flyball team. That should drum up a little sibling rivalry and may help with Lucy's 'tude. One of her favorite pastimes is going for long hikes with her papa. Soon, Lucy and Charlie will have an actual little boy or girl in the family to play with. That will make them very happy. Lots of cookie crumbs to eat, spilled drinks to lap up, and cool toys to run off with!