Kramer, German Short Hair Pointer

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Redhaven's Kramer Von Sam


St. Paddy's day - March 17, 1997

Beverly Lawson

Obedience novice training, but we never tried to enter a competition. Currently learning agility, jumping and games.  Flyball Dog Champion

Playing soccer and basketball with his family and running full tilt in an open field. Pointing at squirrels in the yard will do when his people are too busy to play.


Kramer is first and foremost a family pet.  After we lost our last dog (a Duck Toller) to cancer we spent time researching what type of dog would fit our changing lifestyle.  A GSHP fit the bill - large, but not too large, non-aggressive, sociable, good with children, short-hair, active but relatively easy to train and most of all with moderately-high intelligence.  We didn't want a dog on the upper end of the 'smart scale' since it would be 'home alone' during the day without simulation.

Yes, he was named after the character on the television show 'Seinfeld'.  Why? Two reasons: 1) he has a hair-lick on the back of his neck which stands up like the television character and 2) our Kramer (the dog) enters the room much like the television character, with a 'jump and a bounce' - notice me! I'm here! Let the games begin!


Kramer comes from Redhaven Kennels in Mt. Denson, Nova Scotia.  The Porter's have a reputation of breeding quality, even-tempered short-hairs which perform well in the field and in the obedience and agility rings.  They have also tried their hand at flyball! Both Kramer's sire and grandsire are registered flyball dogs.  Kramer loves flyball. 


He loves being able to run, jump and take the ball without his owner 'micro-managing' him.  He becomes very focused on the runway - it's his job, he knows what to do and will not come back without that ball (even if it bounces out of the ring).  To him, flyball is fun-time, it's less structured, restraining than agility or obedience.  An additional plus is the interaction with other dogs on his team - the chance to socialize, be part of a pack. 
I enjoy seeing him happy, having the chance to run, burn off energy and become a very social dog.  Flyball was relatively quick and easy to learn and as part of a 'team' you have the bonus of meeting other dog owners who also enjoy having fun with their dogs.