Hans, Doberman Pinscher


Hansel von Doberman Perry, (Hans)


Date of Birth: April 10, 1996, Bridgewater


Titles and Training:


Obedience Training to the Utility Level, Flyball Dog Champion,
Handler: Peter Perry
Favorite Passtimes:


walks, cuddles, balls, chewies, sleeping, eating and just hanging out with Gia and his friends
Above, Peter has trained Hans to carry a First Aid kit in a pack and they volunteer at local events.  Proof of their dedication is that they occasionally miss a flyball tournament to care for others.

These pictures were taken at the Windsor Horse Show, 12 and 13 May 2001.



Right, Hans clears a fence gate.  No wonder he is tireless at flyball.




Although only five years old, Hans has already developed selective deafness.  He can hear the milk bone bag being opened from anywhere in the house, but cannot hear me calling him despite my Drill Sergeant voice and the fact that he is only meters away.

"Some people awake to the smell of coffee" To wake me in the morning, Hans searches out my socks from the previous day. He picks these up and drops them on the bed by my head. He will even search for socks in the laundry hamper if a pair are not more readily available.

Hans is the original male chauvinist. He likes to pretend he is the big tough guy when in reality, heís a big wuss. This is most evident when he rushes other dogs, drops to his elbows and snarks at them. The wuss part is evident when they donít cower.

A typical male, Hans works on the principle: If it moves - bark at it, if it doesnít - mark it. Two of my most cherished belongings, the BBQ and my mint condition, 1980 motorcycle seem to be his favorite targets.

When he wants more food (which he always does at night), he will push his bowl to the center of the kitchen floor, lie down with his paw draped in the bowl and his head on his leg, and roll his eyes up with the most forlorn look on his face, pleading for more.

Hans insists on his creature comforts. At night when he is ready to go to bed, he will slip his snout under the edge of the covers, flip his head and weasel in until he is completely covered. During the day, he sleeps mostly on the couch or in the living room easy chair.

A natural retriever, he loves to carry things around the house or yard. He will seek out his rubber kong before going to the door to greet you. It seems important to him that he have it as part of his greeting.

Above, Hans is in the penalty box at a Moncton (FAME) tournament.  Not that he did something to deserve it, it was just convenient.  The Quilts are part of Ed Keel's display, Enfield Cresting. Hans in full Flyball flight at the apex of his jump! and he is really running, not jumping.

Hans is a real asset to the team.  He can be depended on to run his best, race after race and pull many of them out of the fire for us as anchor dog, and he is getting faster as time goes on.