Copper, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


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Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

LittleRiverís Copper


10 February 1995

Helen Birch

Obedience training to approximately second level CKC, Copper has been accepted by St John Ambulance in their Therapy Dog Program

Parking lots when in the car, being left alone, Cissy catching their toys before him because she teases him.

Belly Rubs, food, walks in the park, going to the beach, playing fetch, sleeping on Dadís side of the bed when Dad isnít home, and flyball

How we came to have Copper!

People we once knew had this little red dog named Copper.  After 3 1/2 years, the lady of the house got tired of looking after the dog, the two demanding children, the house, and her job outside the home.  The man of the house was a sailor who spent more time at sea than at home.  Copper became a burden on the family and spent most of his time in an outdoor pen or locked up in the basement alone.  Copper was a little dog with a big attitude.

Sean and I were asked if we would take him. We were told if they could not find him a good home by the end of the month they would have to put him down.

We had lost our first dog "Tripper", a tri sable Sheltie, to a brain tumor just the summer before.  He was an excellent dog, well mannered, good tempered, obedience trained, loved the car, loved to play ball, well, you get the picture! Anyway, I was not ready to take another dog at the time.

The end of the month was drawing near and Copper hadnít found a new home yet.  Sean talked me into taking Copper on a trial basis. We went and picked him up and brought him home.  He is terrible in the car.  He whines and cries something terrible, especially if he knows you are going into a parking lot.

DID I MENTION COPPER HAS A BIG ATTITUDE?  He figured that since he did whatever he wanted to at the other home, he could do whatever he wanted to do at our place.  He would give you a sideways glance more or less to say " You want me to do what? Ya, right!í

I wanted rid of this dog so badly that I tried to give him away at the Lawrencetown Community Yard Sale.  NO ONE TOOK ME SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!  He was too good, and too beautiful for me to be serious.  So, I was stuck with this brat dog!

For the first six months we had Copper, I could have booted his butt out the door and never thought twice.


How I got help with my problem child.

One day I was at a sport show and I met a man that said he had just picked himself up a Duck Toller Pup. I mentioned to him about Copper.  He told me about flyball on Wednesday nights in Enfield.  I decided to take Copper to check it out.

I met Dave and Phyllis Panting at Enfield.  They could not believe how vocal Copper was.  They allowed me to continue taking Copper to flyball to help socialize him.  After a couple of months I decide to try Copper with flyball training.  I didnít know what I was getting myself into with this stubborn brat dog I had.  FRUSTRATED!!!!, TICKED OFF, ANGRY, and even more FRUSTRATED!!!!!!  Again I was ready to boot this mutt out.

Phyllis was Copperís Guardian Angel.  She kept saying, "Give him time, he has the potential to be a great flyball dog."  "Donít give up on him yet."  "Has he had any obedience training?  Try some obedience training with him."  So, I did.  Off we went to Basic Obedience Class.

You know, Copperís attitude started to change.  Then my attitude started to change.  And you know what?, I started to enjoy Copperís company.  I think he started to enjoy mine too.  I was so impressed with the difference in Copper, that when Phyllis said they were having an Advance Obedience Course I took Copper to that one too.  I had a totally different dog in Copperís body by the time we were done.  I loved it when he finally looked up at me one day with a bright twinkle in his eyes and a doggy smile on his face.

Copper is now back in Flyball.  He is still a little slower at picking things up than most dogs.  But he is having fun being the Class Clown.  I finally stopped comparing him to Tripper.  Copper is an individual, and Copper will be Copper.  I still get frustrated, but I am glad now that no one took me seriously.  I Love my hyper little guy.