Cissy FDX, Doberman Mix, possibly Whippet, and a real lover



Date of Birth:


Training, Qualifications:











Mix, Doberman Whippet(?)

Unknown, about January 1999

Helen Birch

Obedience, Accepted by St John Ambulance for the Therapy Dog Program, FDX

Belly rubs, Loves, Car Rides, Loves, Playing Fetch, Teasing Copper with the toy when she gets it, Loves, Going to the Beach, (we have to be very careful she doesn't go swimming too deep so if she seizures we can get to her quickly), curling up for a snooze on the bed with Copper and Whisper on Dad's side of the bed and more loves, loves, loves

Being alone, nail clipping and baths


Cissy is a beautiful little girl.  She is one of those dogs you can't help but fall in love with.  We adopted her in February 2001.

I got a phone call from a woman who was looking for a dog sitter for her dog.  I invited her over with Cissy to see how Cissy was with my "kids" and to chat about Cissy.  During our visit Cissy mixed in well, she checked out the cats, and gave Copper a run for his money.

The woman told me that Cissy had been hit by a car when she was 8 weeks old.  She had sustained a fractured hind leg that required surgery to repair.  She also told me that Cissy had seizured a year earlier and that she had not seizure since that they new of (she has been seizureing every couple of months.)

After checking with Sean, we decided we could look after Cissy while this family went on their European Vacation. We looked after her from the end of November 'til the 17th of January.  When the family returned home, they called us so they could come and pick her up.  This was when they told us that they were thinking about getting rid of her.  They were going to take her to the SPCA.   I asked them to let me know if they decided to give her up for sure.

A few weeks went by before I got a phone call from these people.  They were ready to give her up. Sean and I jumped at the chance to add her to our little family of Furpeople.  Cissy had already been obedience trained, French.  Sean and I had to teach her all over again in English.   She is a quick study.


While I was dog-sitting Cissy I took her to Enfield on Wednesday nights with Copper. She really seemed to enjoy the other dogs and the excitement going on around her.  Because of her leg injury and seizures I decided to ask the Doggie Doctor if Cissy would suffer any medical problems if I let her play FLYBALL.  He assured me that she would be fine and if she enjoyed it we should at least let her try.

Cissy has added 5 weeks training for FLYBALL and is almost running the course.  She is a lean, lovable running machine. 

(NOTE:  Cissy successfully finished her basic Flyball Training, ran a confirmation tournament in August and then completed her Flyball Dog and Flyball Dog Excellent Requirements next tiournament - Congratulations Cissy and Helen!)