Our Flyball team now has two locations, Enfield, Nova Scotia and the Montague area of eastern PEI.  Our focus is on fun for the dogs and handlers.  Superlatives simply aren't enough to express our feelings about this dog sport!

For information on our activities, contact us at:

   Scotia_Dust_Devils@flyballdogs.com                    or                 (902) 962-3634

Dave & Phyllis Panting, last update 13 July 2003


The Team

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So, you're interested in Flyball!?

What people play Flyball?

Where would my dog fit in a team?

What types of dogs play Flyball?


Why did we start a Flyball team?




For do-it-yourselfers.   Home construction of Boxes and Shoots. 


  The Practice Box

The Two Hole Box

Our Home Shoot

Our Class Shoot


Training Turns

How we used a shoot to retrain our dog's turning technique and develop swimmer's turns.


Pictures and Information on Additional methods of Turn Training.  

(Courtesy of Jammin' K9's, By Jayne McQuillen)









Region 10 Web Page 


complete with contact information for all Region 10 Teams, Region tournament schedule plus!!






Chakotay's Home Spot  

The finest site dedicated to Flyball on the internet.


FLYBALL equipment, shareware plans for boxes and jumps and much more...







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