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Wow, it had been longer than I thought since the last Regional Director’s digest.  This edition is packed to the rafters with adopted rule changes and proposed rule changes.  There are rule changes and proposals that will be of interest particularly to the judges and participants, there are others that will likely only affect club captains.  Role through everything here and keep up to date on changes within NAFA.  I have indicated in brackets if these rule changes are official or just at the proposal stage.


You will find the usual list of upcoming tournaments and some comments about the upcoming Christmas holiday period.  Food for thought.  You will also find information about new NAFA lights, rulebook updates, NAFA News, NAFA website and banking issues with Canadian Cheques.  Please read carefully as this affects everyone.


Good luck to all the teams participating in the MAINEiacs tournament in Bangor.  Let’s go to Bangor and show those teams what having fun at tournaments is all about!!!




1.  NAFA rules and policies


Reserved weekend (official)


In July, the NAFA Board approved wording that implements a Reserved Weekend Policy.  In the past some people have referred to these weekends as "legacy weekends."  The approved wording for this policy has not changed since it was first published in January 2005 on the NAFA website. 


One of the most significant changes to sanctioning is the way a specific weekend is defined.  No longer is a weekend considered the 2nd weekend of June, for instance, rather it is defined as a specific weekend number.  A listing of weekend numbers from 1999-2042 and their corresponding dates are listed on the NAFA website.


Another significant change is the number of weekends a club may hold as reserved.  A club may only reserve 2 weekends per NAFA year.   Clubs historically holding more that 2 "legacy weekends" must indicate to the Sanctioning Secretary what weekends they wish to reserve.


Clubs wishing to establish up to 2 reserved weekends in 2006 must contact the sanctioning secretary with the following information:


*   Club Number

*   Club Name

*   The weekend number being applied for

*   A list of tournaments (include date, city of tournament site, weekend number) held that qualify your club for a reserved weekend.


A worksheet has been created to assist clubs in supplying the above mentioned information.  It is available on the NAFA website as well.  The worksheet should be filled out, saved, and emailed to NAFA at Flyball@Flyball.org or emailed directly to the Sanctioning Secretary at FlyballSanc@yahoo.com.


Please note:  The policy does not prohibit a club from holding tournaments on more than 2 weekends per year.  The policy does not force clubs to hold tournaments on their reserved weekend.


For the exact wording of the rule as it will appear in the new rulebook, visit the following NAFA link. 


Jump height change (proposal)


NAFA is considering changing minimum and maximum jump heights.  The proposal is divided in two parts, one for the minimum jump height and one for the maximum jump height.  They are shown below as separate items.  These proposals will be sent out to delegate for a vote after a three month comment period has passed.


A proposal has been made to change the minimum jump height from 8" to 7".  A vote for this proposal shall instruct the Board to make all required changes in the rule book to change the minimum jump height allowed to 7" effective October 1, 2006.  A vote against this proposal will cause no change in the current 8" minimum jump height.  


A proposal has been made to change the maximum jump height from 16" to 14".  A vote for this proposal shall instruct the Board to make all required changes in the rule book to change the maximum jump height allowed to 14" effective October 1, 2006.  A vote against this proposal will cause no change in the current 16" maximum jump height.


Veteran’s class (official)


The draft of the proposed class structure was distributed to the board prior to this discussion. The Rules committee is divided in its support of the proposal. The belief is that there are older dogs who would continue to play Flyball if the jump heights were reduced to a minimum, if the false start was removed and the racing limited to a discrete number of heats in keeping with the reduced abilities of the older dogs. The possibility of a Regional Championship was originally proposed but again the board was divided and on balance felt there was no requirement for a regional championship at this time.


In discussion, several other issues were discussed. What is the purpose of the class? Will there be a demand for the class? How can we protect the abilities of the older dogs? Should we remove the false start rule from Veteran’s? Will the points earned at the reduced heights be deemed to be less difficult than in the Regular and Multi-breed classes? Consensus was reached on the following points.


Minimum Jump height

Maximum 16 heats per day

No 5 of 5 format

No false start

Seeding list to be established

No Regional Champions

1 year trial basis until September 30, 2006

Can run on Veterans one day and Regular or Multi the next day in a two day tournament


The class can be offered effective October 1, 2005 and will be run on a trial basis for 1 year until September 30, 2006.  The new rulebook will contain the wording for the new class.  For those who can’t wait that long, please read the rule wording on this link and click on the Teleconference – September 7 link.


False Start Definition (official)


The Judges Committee reported that there was a discrepancy in the way judges were handling restarted heats interrupted for safety or outside  interference when there was a False Start  pending. Some judges were starting a new heat while others were retaining any earned False Starts on the restarted heat. There was some discussion about the merits of restarting a heat without penalty. After debate, the board unanimously agreed that when a heat is “blown dead” and is to be rerun, that the new heat is restarted anew. The false starts accumulated are not carried over to the rerun.


Further discussion ensued discussing the differences between “restarted” and “rerun” heats as the terms appear in Rules 8.3(b) and (h). After discussion, the board agreed that, as a matter of policy, a heat called stopped due to a safety hazard or outside interference should be started from the beginning – “restarted” – with substitution of dogs an option, whereas substitution did not make sense when a heat is stopped for a false start and thus is “rerun” but not restarted from the beginning.


The wording of Rules of Racing, 8.3(b) and 8.3(h) was changed to provide that when a heat is stopped due to a safety hazard or outside interference, the heat is restarted completely and a team may change their line-up if necessary without penalty. This improvement eliminated the need for a team to forfeit a heat when a dog is injured or to run a dog that is creating an unsafe circumstance.  A line-up change is not permitted, however, in the event of a false start.


2.  Upcoming Tournament info:


Hosting club


Tournament date

Closing date

Pawplex Flyball Canines

Pawplex, Dartmouth, N.S.

November 12 and 13, 2005

October 27, 2005

Oceanmark Flyers

Pawplex, Dartmouth, N.S.

December 3 and 4, 2005

November 14, 2005


3.  Other stuff….


Doing something different as Christmas


Christmas is coming soon and it’s a great time of the year to give to those who are less fortunate.  In the world of dogs, it’s shelters that are always needy.  With Christmas coming up and the tournament season winding down, it may be a good occasion to sit back and think about how you can be of help to a shelter in your area.  I challenge you to discuss among yourselves to find a way of helping those dogs in need.  Just a short visit to your local SPCA to walk dogs and donate a few items could make a whole world of difference for those animals not to mention the warm feeling you get inside from helping out.


Rulebook changes


The amendments to the Rules of Racing have been published in the NAFA minutes and press releases throughout the year. With the start of the racing year on Oct. 1, 2005, those amendments have been collected into a new edition of the rule book by Glenn. There are changes still being made to the forms. The final version of the forms will be added as developed.


NAFA website improving


If you haven’t been to the NAFA website lately, it has improved.  The new full blown version of the website isn’t ready yet but positive changes have been made lately and you should go check it out.  A new link consolidates the "Rulebook, Forms" archive for ease of use. 


Signature Gear lights


NAFA has received 9 sets of Signature Gear Lights and is waiting for delivery of the last 2 sets.  Cases are also currently being made and will be shipped to NAFA shortly.  These new lights are really nice, really different, wireless, include large displays that give the time for each dog and available to all clubs who are interested in renting them for one of their tournaments.  Just request a set when applying for sanctioning but you must apply soon as they are not garanteed for everyone.




A new edition of NAFA News has been published.  It hasn’t been added to the website yet but check back regularly, it should be there shortly.


Banking Issues with Canadian Cheques


NAFA’s bank has reported that Canadian cheques cannot be converted to US funds by merely writing in the phrase “USD”. While this occurred in the past, computerized cheque clearing by banks has disabled this past practice. Cheques altered as such will be returned to the sender. Online CRN applications cannot be made in Canadian funds. Canadian credit card holders will have the fees converted from US Dollars at the prevailing exchange rate by their credit card institution. Appendix A – Schedule of Fees of the NAFA rulebook will be modified to reflect dual pricing of all products except NAFA tournament fees which will be reported at the daily rate by clubs.  Here are the basic ones.


*   Competition Racing Numbers (CRN) - $15.00 USD or $18.00 CDN.

*   New NAFA Club Registration - $25.00 USD or $30.00 CDN.

*   Height Card Applications - $5.00 USD or $7.00 CDN.

*   Duplicate Height Cards (due to loss) $5.00 USD or $7.00 CDN.

*   Replacement Award Pins (due to loss) $5.00 USD or $7.00 CDN.

*   NAFA Approved Patches $5.00 USD or $7.00 CDN.

*   Recording Fee –$25.00 USD per team that competes in a NAFA sanctioned tournament  (payable by the Host Club). $20.00 USD per team for scored and sent via email. When  submitting in Canadian funds, the host club should report the exchange rate used on the NAFA Form C6.

*   Checks returned for Non-Sufficient Funds - $25.00 USD or $30.00 CDN. If a check received for a CRN is returned NSF, the team will not receive points for races run by dogs without a valid CRN.