Sedona Red Rockets
Who Are the People Behind the Dogs?

Coach: Alice Madar
Alice ran Penny and Bravo (both recently retired.)
Drawing on her experience training dogs for a variety of sports, including herding, agility, tracking, sledding, obedience, freestyle, and carting, Alice strives to keep team practices fun while helping each handler maximize the potential of his or her dog. She is working on her newest training challenge--little Fido--and hopes to also race Cheryl's other Labrador, Taz.


Tenacious Trainer: Judy Overholtzer

Judy runs Rosa and Yeta.
Judy fell in love with flyball soon after she began seeking an outlet for the energy of her rescued dog, Neka, in 2003. In 2006, Judy began racing her new pup Rosa, who has proved to be an outstanding racer, thanks to Judy's patient and thorough training program. Most recently, she raised and trained our superstar, Yeta!
What is Flyball?

Who are the people
behind the dogs?



Chief Organizer: Sarah Sheridan
Sarah runs Atomic Annie.
Sarah has become a mainstay of the team since she joined in 2007. She worked hard with talented Annie to get her tournament-ready in a few short months. Now Annie is a start dog, and Sarah keeps the team well-organized and well-fed by working on uniform ideas, creating fliers and forms, bringing in new team members, arranging team events, and bringing delicious dishes to every tournament!




Boxloader and More: Eli Sheridan

Eli joined team practices with Sarah, and quickly became a dedicated flyball sportsman. He helps all of us train our dogs, troubleshoots on the flyball box, builds equipment, takes fabulous photos, and keeps our operations humming along. Most important, he's a flawless boxloader!
Powerful Handler: Cheryl Christy
Cheryl runs Bu.
Cheryl joined our team in summer 2007, and she has proven to be a dedicated member full of special surprises, such as her talent at making beautiful collars and red rock signs. This is aside from her ability to train, manage, and inspire her powerful and superfast dog--Bu!


photo to come

Dedicated to the Sport: Marcia Walton

Marcia runs Roo.

Marcia joined our team in 2003, then had to take several years off after losing her racing dog and changing jobs. But she knew she would be joining us again, and she raised Roo as an all-around sports dog, with flyball as one of her chief goals. In 2009, Marcia rejoined us, and we are so happy to have her back!

All-Arounder: Michael Sheridan
Michael has done nearly every job possible on the team--he ran our rough and tough Bravo in several tournaments and many practices, he has ball-shagged, box-loaded, line-called, and even videotaped the team. When it comes to flyball, Michael has proven to be a true MVP!



Multibreed Maven: Brenda Collins
Brenda runs Fergus and Finn.

Brenda joined our team in 2004, and quickly became a key member along with her Jack Russell Fergus. In addition to being a dedicated competitor and team player, Brenda helped Judy find and train Rosa. Then Brenda added Finn the Belgian Malinois to her household and our team, and later found McNab Spike for her nephew Zach. Most recently she is training Yeta's brother, whom we are looking forward to debuting. We know with Brenda as a trainer he will be a great racer!

The Apprentice: Zach Fox
Zach runs Spike.
Zach began coming to practices when he saw how much fun his aunt Brenda was having with flyball. After pitching in for years as boxloader and ball-shagger, Zach teamed up with Spike, a McNab who needed a home. Together, they are bringing fresh talent and new breadth to our multibreed team. We are looking forward to many years of racing with Zach and Spike!




Incredibly Tolerant Husband: Ivan Madar
In a world divided into "sane people and dog people," Ivan falls squarely in the sane people camp. Yet he often joins the team at tournaments and even helps box load when he's needed. Of all the dog sports Alice has ever been involved in, flyball is the only one that Ivan actually enjoys watching.
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