Sedona Red Rockets
Blisterin' Bravo
(Bravo Victor of Wildhorn, FMCh, TFE, HCT, NJ, CGC*)

NAFA's #2-ranked Entlebucher Mountain Dog

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Racer Profiles

Bravo's total NAFA points: 19,077

Bravo's total U-Fli points: 2,660

Bravo's best recorded NAFA time: 4.25 seconds

When he was 8 weeks old, Bravo was a special surprise holiday gift from Wildhorn Kennels to team member Boris Madar. Bravo, an Entlebucher Mountain Dog, is smart, agile, fast, and very powerful. He loves to play any game there is--but flyball is his favorite! Over his 6-year flyball career, Bravo was a key racer on our team--always fast, enthusiastic, reliable, and tireless. Bravo is very loud with quite a variety of expressions, include a Tarzan-like bugle. He earned the Gonzo Imperial Porter Award for being an "exceptionally outspoken" dog at RUFF's 2005 Flying Dog Flyball Tournament in Colorado. In 2009, at age 7, Bravo retired from flyball due to infraspinitus muscle contracture. He is now preparing to compete in obedience and freestyle.


Baby Bravo

Bravo earned his dock jumping title in 2004.

Photos on this page courtesy Hector Cavazos, Grand Images, and RuffShot.
* Titles decoded: FMCh = Flyball Master Champion, a NAFA flyball title, TFE = Top Flight Executive, a U-FLI flyball title, HCT = Herding Capability Tested, an American Herding Breeds Association title Bravo earned at only 7 months; NJ=Novice Jumper, a Dock Dogs title, and CGC = Canine Good Citizen, a good manners and behavior certificate from the American Kennel Club. 

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