Pedal Pushers Flyball
We attended our first UFLI tournament put on by RPM and had a blast with other teams and friends. 

Sailor looked great racing on the multi team!

Chip ran his little tail off and raced for his team and a few backup races for the multi team!

Until Homer spotted the electrical outlet, he looked and ran well he has been much better about keepling his head in the game.

Flare did a couple of runs that move her a little closer to being ready for the next step. She was quite calm in the crating area.

Kala was her usual self.  Now that she has a large yard and more room in her new house to move around, she can lose a couple of pounds and return to share a start position.

Dani held up well. I half expected her to run out of steam before the end of Sunday from a few restarts but she kept pushing hard.

Gem was a super star! Some of the best times she's had in quite some time.

We raced with Wooferines and had a nice weekend overall!

We have a tournament coming up Easter Weekend at the Monroe Fairgrounds. We will be racing with Wooferines again but we will only be there to race on Saturday.

Until then, we must practice, practice, practice.
See everyone at the next tourney!

Tournament Pictures