Pawsitive Attitudes Flyball Team



Bella, Streak, Chase & Link
(Swift in reserves)
  A new P.A. Club record
16.959 Davisburg
November 20, 2010

16.990 Indianapolis, IN October 9, 2010 





Kala     1990-2000   Karen Larkin    


      Toby    1993-2004   Kim O'Neill      
Streak 11-20-10 Flyball Master Ollie     1995-2004   Vivian Churchill Splash 09-03-11 Top Flight II
Bella 02-19-11 Flyball Dog Champion-Silver Glide     1997-2008  Cindy Arnold Sprint 09-01-12 Top Flight III
Rerun 02-19-11 FG 40K Shadow 1998-2012  Karen Larkin Streak 09-01-12 Top Flight III
Link 05-14-11 Flyball Master Risky     1999-2012   Kathy Kennedy Jessie 09-01-12 Top Flight Executive II
Izze 10-22-11 Flyball Dog Max      1999-2008   Teddi Kollenberg Chase 09-01-12 Top Flight Executive
Jessie 10-22-11 Flyball Dog Champion-Silver Tess      1999-2012   Linda Anderson Izze 09-22-12 Top Flight I
Splash 02-04-12 Flyball Master Grace    2001-2011  Cindy Arnold Jacey 09-22-12 Top Flight III
Chase 02-04-12 Flyball Master Champion Zac       2001-2010   Cindy Berens Kelsey 09-22-12 Top Flight Executive
Izze 06-30-12 Flyball Dog Champion Issac     2003-2012   Karen Larkin Rerun 09-22-12 Top Flight Premier
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Pawsative Attitudes: (Michigan - 1982) 16.99 (reg, 18.51 (mult). Pawsitive Attitudes is a Michigan team, formerly know as Sportsmen's Dog Training Club and Footloose Flyers. This team has been managed by their current owner / captain Cindy Arnold since 1982. We have 25 active dogs, 6 in training, 26 retired and 22 gone but not forgotten. Cindy and her team members are firm believers that all breeds should have the chance to play flyball. We have raced 32 different breeds of dogs including 7 mixed breeds over the years. Of days gone by, flyball boxes with arms and tuna cans, whistle starts & stop watch finishes, eyeball passes / exchange & finish review, etc. It has been great to see all the safety improvements that have been made over the years, as well as the technology advances. We are looking forward to all of the great racing and being part of the Can/Am games.
NAFA 2010 CanAm Flyball Classic
Indianapolis, IN October 8 -10, 2010 

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