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Flyball Boxes

  • Custom Flyball Boxes go from 2 to 7 holes

  • Purchase your Flyball box once, and modify to meet the demands of your team

  • Designed for improved "Swimmers Turn", easier on Boxloaders

  • Fully adjustable settings for training

  • Trigger mechanism is adjustable for light-weight dogs

  • Weight approximately 35 lbs.

 Economy Box - 2 hole, ready for later expansion

 Standard Box - 4 hole, select your own ball offset, choice of large or combination large/small balls

          Custom  Box - Built to your specifications


"Pocket" Jumps

  • Go anywhere set of 4 jumps, can be strapped to a back-pack

  • Set up one way for 4" puppy jumps, flip them over for 7" regular jumps


Standard Jumps

  • Standard  set of 4 jumps (specify 5 or 6 inch height)

  • Includes 1 set each of 1", 2" & 3" slats

  • Additional set of 1" vinyl practice slats


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