How can I get started?

Muddy Paws regularly offers beginning flyball classes. These classes typically last 5-7 weeks and we have a maximum of 6 students at a time. As a club, we are committed to helping every dog and handler succeed regardless of size, breed, or speed. Our goal is to help all dogs reach their maximum potential while using only current, safe and positive training techniques. This sport is for fun after all! We will train YOU how to train your dog to execute the flyball course.

Course Includes:

  • Building drive in your dog for running to and from the flyball box
  • Safely teaching your dog a “swimmer’s turn” on the flyball box
  • Keeping your dog’s focus in the midst of distractions
  • Having fun and creating a unique bond with your dog!


  • Dog must be at least 8 months old
  • Dog should have good recall
  • Dog cannot be overly obese
  • Dog must be friendly towards other dogs and humans
  • An owner who likes to have a good time and wants to have fun with their dog!

Please know that in order to safely and effectively teach all components of flyball, it will most likely take more than one session. Because of the speed and impact on dogs in the sport, our biggest priority is safety, and it takes time and practice to teach both handlers and dogs the most effective and safest way to navigate the course. If you are interested in enrolling in an upcoming class or would like more information, please contact Tim at timslm at

Team Practice

Our team practice is held each week Sunday evenings. During the winter months, we meet in Monmouth. During the summer months, practice is held at the Willamette Humane Society in Salem. You are welcome to visit one of our practices at any time. Contact Us for more information and directions.