Maple Leaps Flyball Club

"To be worthy of our dogs ..."


Maple Leaps are set to sail with Lietash Push the Limits to co-host the 2nd Annual "PAWrates of the Atlantic" Flyball Tournament August 3, 4, 6 & 7, 2005. Check out the tournament webpage for more information!

We join Lietash Push the Limits in welcoming flyball teams from across North America to fast-paced flyball competition in historic Lunenburg.

Welcome to the virtual home of the Maple Leaps Flyball Club!

We are a small club formed in 2002, running out of
Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Flyball is the fastest growing dogsport in North America. The competition involves teams of four dogs in a relay race. Each dog runs a course of 4 jumps, triggers a box to release a tennis ball and carries that tennis ball back over the same 4 jumps. The next dog is released as the previous dog crosses the start/finish line.The team that has all 4 dogs complete the course first wins the race. The sport is incredibly fast, incredibly easy to understand, and incredibly addictive to watch and to play!

The Maple Leaps Flyball Club races for fun, for competitive pleasure, and to strive to achieve the best results to the best of our abilities. Whatever the competitive objective may be, our top priority is the safety and happiness of our special and devoted furkids.

Mahone Bay is a friendly seaside community, situated on Nova Scotia's South Shore. To learn more about our small corner of the universe, check out:

Town of Mahone Bay

Bluenose II

South Shore Tourism Association

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