Many thanks to all who have entered our August tournament. It has certainly been a challenge with Michelle’s computer crashing as she was trying to complete the paper work. We owe a huge gratitude to Kim and Scott Kendall for saving the day and loaning us their laptop. Thanks also to everyone who has expressed their patience and understanding for our delays.

            Friday the buildings will open at 4pm, measuring at 5:30, captains meeting at 5:45. Racing will start at 6pm. Racing format is 4 of 4, 1 point per heat won, ˝ for a tie, 0 for a loss. Single dog will start about 6:30 and will continue until about 9:30.

            Saturday the building will open at 7am. Measuring at 7:30, captains meeting at 7:45. Racing will start at 8am. We are doing one schedule for the two rings. Please remember that the first race will be races 1&2…the spacing and time between races is approximately half of the more regular schedule. Because of the AM/PM schedule and the size of our tournament the racing days should not be too long, therefore we encourage anyone that needs a little more time to exchange dogs or cool down dogs, just let us know. Afternoon measuring will be during the 30 minute break between AM and PM. Captains meeting will be immediately after measuring. Afternoon racing will start no earlier than 12:30.

            Sunday racing will start at 7:30am. Building will open at 6:30. No measuring or captains meeting.

            All racing for Saturday and Sunday will be 3 of 5. 1 point per race won, you must win 3 heats. No ties, 0 points for loss.  Tournament scoring ties will start with head to head, then best time of the day until tie is broken.


We look forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Jammn’ K9s