Happy Hurdlers History

In May, 1991, Sasha had just turned one and the team was struggling to put four solid dogs together. They never traveled to tournaments and for quite a few years only ran in Animal Inn's tournament in June. Shadow and Buerkle were the highest point earners with around 250 points each. When Sasha ran in her first tournament (Jan, 1992), the dogs that ran every heat earned 54 points. The people were ecstatic! That was by far and away the most points ever earned in one day.

A month later at BOTC's tournament we ran a 4 dog team of Buerkle, Shadow, Zak (a Chesapeake, since retired), and Sasha. We ran solid clean 5 point runs and earned 80 points that day. One month later, we ran the same team at TCOTC's tournament and got the first 25 point runs in team history! The dogs earned a whopping 155 points that day. In three tournaments Sasha and Zak earned more points than Buerkle and Shadow did in 4 years! I really have to commend Ginny and Kathy for sticking with it for so long.

After that we were getting to the point we could have another team but it would be really slow. We decided to split up the main dogs to help the other dogs out. That has been our legacy every since. Fortunately, 4 breed tournaments were getting started and we decided to put together our best team for 4 breeds and split up the fast (for us) dogs on the regular tournaments.

On March 19, 2000 we established a team record with a time of 19.51 seconds. Much credit goes to our new height dogs Dixie and Yankee. The dogs running were Tyler (Lab), Buc (Border Collie), Patch (Australian Shepherd), and Dixie (Jack Russell Terrier).