The Happy Hurdlers were formed in July 1987 and are registered as NAFA Team number 030. The first tournament entered was Animal Inn's in June 1988. We are affiliated with Water's Edge Dog Training Center in Buffalo , MN.  Check our Training Schedule for our practice times. New dogs are always welcome!

Best Time

June 4, 2010 we established a new best time running CZ (Border Collie handled by Dan Rode),  Burli (Mix handled by Eva Muenker), Ice (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever handled by Elizabeth Theesfeld), and Lady (Black Lab handled by Lori Anderson) of 17.57 Ice being the height dog with a jump height of 10 inches.

Regional Championships

2006: Region 3 Multi-breed Champions

2012 Brags

Dily earns her FGDCH

Ice earns her Onyx

Blazer earns her FMCH

Phoenix earns her FMCH

Greg earns his FMCH

Splash earns his Onyx

Sami earns her FDCH-G

Yukon earns his FM

Rollie earns his FM

Reggie earns his 40K

Zip earns her 70K

Chive earns her FGDCH

Sophie earns her FMCH

Dottie earns her FGDCH

Zephyr earns his FMX

Freeze earns his FMCH

Storm earns her FMX

CZ earns her FMX

Chase earns his FMX

Hobbes earns his FMX

Willow earns her FDCH-G

Xena earns her FD and FDX