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Jillian Scharfstein and Jeremy Caissie



Name: Inseguire Calliope

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Jillian: Cali is a little spitfire - bold, energetic and always on the move. Born into a flyball family, she was already carting a ball around like it was a prize by 6 weeks old. She is our little energizer bunny and what she lacks in size she more than makes up for in drive. She has won numerous conformation championships in the show ring but flyball is her first and true love. She just lives for this game.




Name: Inseguire Keepsake

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Jillian: Kiwi was born with an intese tug drive and a love of balls. Tugging by 3 weeks old and retrieving balls by 6 weeks, she has challenged her handlers every step of the way to become more inventive in their training methods. Kiwi likes anything that is fast and is an accomplished racing dog, winning both the Canadian and American National title in 2010. Her impish personality and innocent face make it almost impossible to say "no" to her. Simply put she is a fun dog who enjoys life and lives it to the fullest.




Name: Rancho Fiasco Patent Pending

Breed: Patterdale Terrier

Jillian: Patton joined the Inseguire gang in April, 2010 all the way from Colorado. He is a wonderful young man who is generally easy to live with but can be very intense about certain things. He is a hunting dog through and through and will turn his attention to ridding the world of bugs if not otherwise occupied. He is enjoying learning all the components of flyball and one day we hope he will be a valuable member of the team.




Name: Riley

Breed: Labrador Mix

Riley is a fun loving dog who has been a real challenge to train for flyball. He loves the sport but it took some time putting all the pieces together correctly. Despite this lengthy learning process, Riley is now incredibly consistent and serves as a full time start dog. We could not be prouder of our big black dog.





Name: Cairnbrae Inspiration

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Jillian: Sadie is your typical Jack Russell: focused, driven and fiercely loyal. With multiple championships in the conformation ring and a fierce hunting drive, Sadie neded something to occupy her time when she was not at shows. Ball driven and seriously fast, flyball is a sport made for her. It involves balls, running, tug-toys, balls, noise, chaos, oh did I mention balls? All the things that add up to a happy Jack Russell!






Name: Inseguire Mazel Tov

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier

Jillian: Tov has already overcome a lot in her short life. Born with a medical condition, she has defied the odds and grown into a feisty, healthy little girl. She has a love of balls that can only be equalled by her half sister Cali and as much drive as any dog in our house. She loves to play flyball and gets very excited waiting for her turn to run.





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