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MacTavish Dogs



Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer
Owners: Ken and Christine MacTavish

Breeder: Gail Elksnitis (Ontario)                                                                                    

Registered Name: Gates Creek Charismatic
, FGDCh (50K)

  • #1 Point earner in Region 12 for the 2002 NAFA season.

  • #30 Point earner, in the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) for 2002, #88 in 2003 - all breeds.

  • #1 German Shorthaired Pointer, NAFA breed standings - total points earned.

  • Top 250 dogs of 18,900 registered with NAFA - all breeds.

Hudson is a flyball maniac. He thinks it should be his turn every time. With his enthusiastic bark, he certainly knows how to make a grand entrance! With a best time of 3.9 seconds and an average of 4.3, Hudson is one of FastAntics' fastest flyball dogs. Besides flyball, Hudson does agility and obedience but flyball will always be his favorite. Although nobody would have guessed it by his demeanor at flyball tournaments, he is actually quite the couch potato at home. He enjoys going for his daily runs in the coulees and pointing out birds in the backyard. He also likes to wrestle with his little buddy Dustie.

Left: Hudson on point, Right: Mini Hudson, summer 1999

Above and Below: Doing what he loves best!


Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner: Ken and Christine MacTavish

Breeder: Nancy Lane (Montana)                                                                                       

Registered Name: Can Ch Lazy Heart's Ready to Rumble
Flyball Titles:
CKC Titles:
Canadian Conformation Champion


  • #4 German Shorthaired Pointer of 131, NAFA breed standings, total points earned.

Dustie came to us from Montana's Lazy Heart's Kennels. She instantly took to her big brother Hudson. As a puppy, she used his body as her personal sleeping area. She loves Hudson so much she copies everything he does including scratching her ears, licking her paws, and yawning whenever he does. Dustie loves flyball and is also one of the club's fastest dogs. Her best time so far is 4.1 seconds but she averages 4.3 to 4.4. She is a finished show champion, going Best of Winners 4 out of the 5 times that she was shown professionally (thanks Michelle Innis!). Dustie also does agility and may get to the obedience ring if her mom gets time for it. Her favorite thing in life is biting Hudson's ears and legs until he plays with her. She is also particularly good at the "sneak attack", jumping out from under the table and nipping Hudson's back legs and then jumping back under the table to hide.

Gotta love those ears!


Dustie with her favorite toy before deciding to destroy it!

Left: Best of Winners and Best of Opposite in Saskatoon. Right: Dustie finished her Championship in Calgary going BW with Michelle Innis handling.



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