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Is your dog driving you crazy? Does your dog need somewhere to burn excess energy? Flyball is a fun and exciting sport for dogs and their handlers. All dogs of all sizes are welcome including purebred and mixed breeds. Our primary goal is for dog lovers to have fun with their canine companions.  Call or email us to reserve your spot.

Puppy Classes (4 to 9 months)

If you would like to get a head start on training your future flyball dog, this class is for you. This is one of the best times to start teaching your pup the basic patterns of flyball. Because your puppy is still growing, we do not do any jumping or box work. We will however work on developing drive with the use of a motivator, work on the recall and use simulated flyball jumps. We will be offering puppy classes anytime beginners classes are running.

Beginner Flyball Class (9 months and above)

This 6 week class (once per week) will teach the basics and lay the foundation for training fast, reliable flyball dogs. Dogs will learn the restrained recall, flyball jumps, work with their motivator toy and be introduced to the flyball training shoot.

We are taking names for our next beginner class. Contact us to reserve a spot.


Advanced Flyball Class

This 6 week class will build on the skills learned in the beginner class. This class is open to dogs that have taken the beginners class or that have received flyball training elsewhere. We will focus on teaching a proper swimmer's turn on the flyball box, develop confidence in passing other dogs and work on two lane racing if time permits. Dogs that have taken the Advanced Flyball Class may be able to participate in events such as house league play, public demonstrations and flyball tournaments.

Contact us to reserve a spot for our next class.


Three graduates from one of Furry Flash's first flyball classes. (Left to Right): Lindsay Morhart and Ryot, Melody Foster with Buster and Myrna Ealey with Hanna.






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