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Furry Flash Dogsports is made up of a small group of dedicated dog lovers from the Moose Jaw, SK area. We play to have fun with our dogs and strive toward strenghthening the bond between people and their furry friends. Furry Flash hopes that by holding lessons, they can bring the wonderful sport of flyball to others in the community. Have a look at our website to see what we're all about. We hold lessons once or twice per year. If you think you and your dog might be interested in learning flyball, email us from the Contact Us page. We hope you enjoy our site!

About the trainers: Besides dabbling in agility, competitive obedience and confirmation shows, Ken and Christine have been playing flyball competitively for over 10 years. They started out in Edmonton with Spectrum Speed then moved to Lethbridge, AB where they helped teach lessons for 3 years with the Fastantics Flyball and Agility Club. During this time, they have travelled to over 90 flyball tournaments held all over the Western provinces. They moved to Moose Jaw in 2005 to follow job opportunities and started holding flyball lessons under the Furry Flash Dogsports name in August 2006. They have two German Shorthaired Pointers that are well accomplished on the flyball lanes with Hudson attaining the title of Flyball Dog Grand Champion (50K) with 50,000 points and Dustie reaching the Flyball Dog Grand Champion (40K) title with 40,000 points. Hudson has been the #1 ranked GSP of all time in North America for over 5 years now and has been ranked in the top 150 of all time (all breeds) out of the 22,000 + dogs that have played flyball. Dustie has been the #2 ranked GSP of all time since 2009. After 4 years of running Furry Flash, Ken and Christine are proud to watch team dogs learn the game and in turn, add to their own list of accomplishments.




Ken and Christine MacTavish

Call: (306) 691-5064

Email: kcmactavish@sasktel.net