Flyball and Agility Club


Justin and JoAnne VanMaarion

Jessie and Riley at home


Breed: Border Collie

Jessie is a Border Collie who loves anything to do with a ball. She loves to run and play with her best friend, Riley. She is lovable in the morning and a grouch at night. She has both her NADAC and AAC cards this summer (2003), so Justin is hoping to take her to a few competitions at the beginner level. Jessie practices agility often in her backyard and does flyball at the club on practice days. Jessie is 3.5 years old and finally is starting to settle down and listen.

Left: Jessie flying through the air Right: Showing that Border Collie intensity

Jessie and Justin at one of our demos

Breed: Golden Retriever

Riley is a gigantic bundle of Golden Retriever love, and one of the largest lap dogs around. He loves to be near people more than animals, but this never stops him from having a good wrestle with his playmate, Jessie. Riley enjoys prancing around with objects, most often a tea-towel, in his mouth and wiggling his hind end. Riley has never shown his teeth and does not growl, unless he is stretching, when he lets out a loud groan. Riley thinks he is a person and owns 1/3 of his owners bed.

Left: Riley on his very own wall Right: Royal rumble time

Doggy kisses for the kitty


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