Flyball and Agility Club


Del and Marnie Sutton


Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Titles: FD, FDX, FDCh

When that young Jack Rusell Terrier pup spied us in the pet store, we knew an exciting new adventure was about to begin. Flyball was a new adventrue that Dexter fell in love with and needless to say so did we! Like his twin sister Alex, his favorite toy is his ball but he loves to play frisbee and he has a blue stuffed bear that he cares for very much. Other stuffed animals are "toast". Dex thought agility was a total waste of his time unless he could run through all the tunnels he could find and do nothing else at all. He sleeps under the covers and pushes and crowds until he is comfortable! He is such a special dog, smart, loving, devoted and fun! Dexter is an adventure.

Do you have a ball for me?


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