Flyball and Agility Club


Sandra Stafford


Breed: Border Collie

Titles: FD, FDX, FDCh

Fred is a three year old tri-colored Border Collie. He spent his early days on a ranch and herding is his #1 passion. He has been participating in agility demos and presently is preparing for flyball competition. Fred likes everyone, including cats. He thinks everyone should like him too.

Friendly Fred at practice


Ready to go


Showing off his skills


Fred loves a crowd


Breed: Shepherd/Collie Mix
Titles: FDCh

Tip is a 9 year old Shepherd/Collie cross. She is very ball oriented and loves to play ball. She also likes to play "search". Tip participates in agility and flyball but does both at her own speed. She particularly likes the weave-poles and will do them by herself.

Looking pretty


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