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News For 2003

  • November 15-16, 2003 - We sent two teams to the Calgary Canine Centre Tournament. Our division 1 team struggled through much of Saturday but managed to be a bit more competitive on Sunday. Our division 2 team, consisting of many of our newer dogs did a great job all weekend. They placed 3rd on Saturday and took 1st place on Sunday. Congrats to Tiko, our newest flyball dog, on achieving her FDX and FDCh titles at her second tournament.
  • September 6-7, 2003 - Fast Antics ventured to Regina to attend the KAOS tournament. The team had a great time and racing was very close. They took 2nd on Saturday and 1st place on Sunday in Division 3. Brags include Zoey and Dustie getting their FM titles!
  • August 16-17, 2003 - It was off to Edmonton once again for Pawsitive Energy's tournament. Our Division 2 team finished 1st on Saturday and 6th on Sunday. Our Division 4 team broke out 3 times putting us in last place on Saturday. They took first place on Sunday. Kiara got her FDCh title this weekend!
  • July 26-27, 2003 - In Edmonton for the Northern Power Paws/Tailwind tournament, Fast Antics took first place in Division 2 on both Saturday and Sunday. Brags include Hershey attaining her FMCh title and Banjo ran in her very first tournament to get her FD, FDX and FDCh titles!

L to R: Ken and Hudson, Christine and Dustie, Del and Dexter, Cam and Zoey, Ron and Banjo and Rita with Hershey

  • July 12-13, 2003 - At our own tournament in Coaldale, the Fast Antics team placed 4th in Division 1 on Saturday and 2 in Division 2 on Sunday. Not So Fast Antics took 1st place in Division 3 on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday. Congratulations to Buddy for getting his FM title and to Fred and Tiko for getting their FD titles!
  • June 28-29, 2003 - While in Springbank for the Calgary Longshots tournament, our division 2 team finished 2nd on Saturday and 4th on Sunday. Our division 4 team finished 3rd on Saturday and 4th on Sunday.
  • May 17-18, 2003 - We sent two teams to Cruizin' Canines flyball tournament in Strathmore, Alberta. Our division 2 team finished 3rd on Saturday (oops, a couple of us left early missing the runoff) and 4th on Sunday. Division 3 finished 2nd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday. Congrats to Meg for getting her FM and Kiara also made a valiant effort getting 125 points and FD, FDX titles at her first tournament!

Division 3 Team, L to R: Del and Dexter, Cam and Zoey, Bobbie and Meg and Ken with Dustie

  • April 26, 2003 - A few of our members braved a snow storm to make it to the Calgary Canine Centre NADAC agility trial. Brags include Stoker (Deb Patterson) and Cody (Pat LaValley) earning qualifying legs towards their titles.
  • April 19-20, 2003 - FastAntics ventured West to attend Okanagan Chain Reaction's tournament in Armstrong, B.C. We had a great time running against new teams and running on dirt for the first time. Weather was great and many of us came home sunburnt! We finished 2nd in Division 2 on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday. Thanks to Calgary Konfuzion and the Northern Power Paws for helping us with boxloading, shagging and scrubbing balls, timing and calling passes.

L to R: Pat with Alex, Ken with Hudson, Christine with Dustie, Ron with Hershey and Rita with Mandy

  • March, 2003 - At this Calgary Canine Centre tournament, our FastAntics team faced stiff competition in division one to place fifth on Saturday and eighth on Sunday. They ran very respectably however, posting a number of runs under 21 seconds. Our Not So FastAntics team did very well in Division three, taking fourth place on Saturday but winning all three of their elimination races against the top teams. On Sunday, they ensured their placement by racing undefeated all day to take first place. Titles earned include Hudson getting his ONYX at three years of age and Dustie surprised us all by getting her FD, FDX and FDCh titles this weekend.

Division 1 Team, Lto R: Ken and Hudson, Pat with Alex and Patti with Skip and Mandy

Division 3 Team, L to R: Patti and Hershey, Christine with Dustie, Bill with Charlie, Deb with Stoker, Cam with Zoey and Pat with Cody

  • There is a group of club members that are planning to attend the NADAC agility trial held by the Calgary Canine Centre on April 26, 2003. Any members interested in joining us should let one of us know. The trial is already more than half full so entries should be mailed as soon as possible. Premiums are available at:
  • January, 2003 - We went to the Calgary Canine Centre tournament with one team. We ran very well and consistent all weekend but simply had bad luck at the wrong time. We placed 2nd in division 3 on Saturday, losing only twice the entire day including one loss when our box malfunctioned. On Sunday, we again ran very well and were seeded first going into the final race. Due to the format however, a loss here dropped us down to fourth place. On the bright side, the teams in this division were all very closely seeded which led to exciting racing all weekend. A HUGE thanks to John Hendriks of the Northern Power Paws for boxloading for us over both days and for lending us his box while we worked out the problems with ours!

Division 3 Team, L to R: Ken and Hudson, Pat and Alex, Bobbie and Meg, Rita with Mandy, Christine with Dustie and Deb with Stoker

  • November, 2002 - FastAntics took a step up to Division 1 flyball at the Calgary Canine Centre tournament. Our division 1 team finished 7th on Saturday and 5th on Sunday. Our Division 2 team finished 4th on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday. We look forward to the next tournament in Calgary in January. Brags include Skip getting his FMX and Stoker getting his FM.
  • July, 2002 - FastAntics set a new club record of 19.8 seconds at the Ruff Riders Tournament in Craven, Saskatchewan. The team that achieved this time was: Hudson, Hershey, Mandy, Alex, Zoey and Cody


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