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Nicole and Derek Johnson

Sheena is a 2 year old AKC registered White German Shepherd.  She is a fully trained Psychiatric Service Dog which is a type of Medical Alert dog.  Sheena works hard with her owner every day and never leaves her side.  She started training for Flyball in May of 2005 as a way to have fun and de-stress from being a working dog.  She loves Flyball and is coming along beautifully. Sheena and her owner hope to compete in the summer of 2006.  Sheena is also starting her training in Agility which we hope will end up being another down time activity for her.  Sheena is very friendly and loves people of all sorts. When at demos her favourite part is visiting with the crowd.

Left: Baby Sheena the little white fluffball

Right: Sheena the Service Dog


Playing ball in the back yard


Summer fun


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