Flyball and Agility Club


Connie and Jay Blackburn


Breed: Irish Setter

Laska means "love" in Czech, and she definitely lives up to her name. She's a very loving dog and thinks that everyone should love her back. She'll make friends with you fast, especially if you give her a bum rub. Laska can run endlessly in an open field and seems to have unlimited energy, but when she's at home she's a world-class couch potato. She can be a pretty silly dog, always greeting us with her stuffed Bee in her mouth and a muffled "ROO!". Laska loves to be the center of attention. So far, she's won 2 "Best Dog Trick" competitions but she is always eager to learn more things. That's why she was so excited to join an Agility Club. Laska is still learning, but hopes to compete soon. So far her favorite part about Agility is meeting all the people. If you become her friend, she'll never forget who you are and will try to give you a hug the next time she sees you. (She doesn't mean to knock anyone over, really!).

Enjoying the freedom at the dog park

Left: Laska tries her best to "beak" everyone with her nose
Lounging on the couch with her friend Matisse


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