All Canadian
Baboo is a Muchacha x Zimmer pup. She is a littermate to Floyd.



Hyflyte Standing Ovation


"Dalton" Irondog
Border Collie



Pretty Boy Floyd FMX, MBDCH, RPT
All Canadian
Floyd is a Muchacha x Zimmer pup and littermate to Baboo. He is quite the character with personality plus! Floyd began his flyball career in 2013 with a best time 3.80 as a 10" height dog!


EC's Gila FM
All Canadian
Gila is a Splat x Floyd daughter

Daverley's Harry Potter FG50K, MBM, NA
Parson Russell Terrier
"Cutest PRT you'll ever meet"

"Josie" FM
All Canadian
Josie is a rescue from the Michigan Border Collie Rescue
EC's Kamikazi
All Canadian
Kamikazi is a Baboo x Villain pup from the repeat breeding.
EC's Swimming Wth the Sharks
All Canadian
Mako is a Splat x Floyd pup.


Moyhall's McRae Zee FDCH-S

Border Collie

Whispers International Delight

Nali is a littermate to Win.
Bo Tyne's Here Que Iron Dog, MBDX
Border Collie
Winfall Rita FDCH-G, MBDX

Jack Russell Terrier
First Light I Herd About Ewe
Border Collie
Wagons Ho Unbreak My Heart FG50K, MBM, NA, NAJ, AKC Pointed
Border Collie
In November 2007 Secret made her debut in flyball and by the end of her first weekend out, was holding down a full spot and earned her FDX(Flyball Dog Excellent) title and was just a few points shy of her Championship. In January 2008 Secret earned her FDCH(Flyball Dog Champion) title, in just her second tournament.and since than has recorded her best times of 4.1 and even a 4.0 seconds. In December 2008 Secret debuted in AKC agility and earned NA(Novice Agility) & NAJ(Novice Agility Jumper) titles in one weekend. In May 2010, Secret earned her ONYX title, and we believe that she is the first Wagons Ho bred dog to do so!! In September 2012, Secret earned her FGDCH-40K title.
Rolona's Eattheredonelast FM, MBDCH, ADC, NAJ, NAF
Botyne One Of a Kind FG60K
All Canadian

Absolut Mach 1 FMCH, MBDCH-G, ATDds, OTDc
Border Collie
Sonic is a Fresca x Ripley pup. Sonic's Personal best time in flyball is 3.92sec! His debut in the Herding arena, earned 6 High in Trials while earning these
5 titles and no placement lower than 3rd.....

Nickname: Sonorific, you're terrific!

All Canadian
Silver D Shakin' Not Stirred FM, MBDCH-G, RPT
Labrador Retriever
Absolut Dynamite FM, MBDCH-S, RPT, DD
Border Collie
Ting is a Fresca x Ripley pup.
Bo-Tyne 'Touche' OLE FG40K

Border Collie
Comebye Intrepid Journey NW2, AD, AG, AS
Border Collie
EC's Villain FMCH, MBDCH-S, HIC(s), RPT, DDX, FC Silver
All Canadian
Villain is a Splat x Crank pup. He has exceeded my every expectation and excels at everything he does. His best time in flyball is 3.54.
Whispers Rrroll Up The Rim FM, MBDX, NAJ, NAF