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Located north of Austin in Georgetown, Tx

A club devoted to the belief that all dawgs and their humans want to have fun,

regardless of breed, size or age.



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Lil Bunny Fru Fru

Lil Bunny Fru Fru, running down the flyball lanes, picking up a tennis ball and bringing it back to me.....

Bunny was a rescue from the city shelter in Austin, Tx. She wasn't doing well at the shelter and most people at the shelter were afraid of her. What they didn't know is that she is a high drive little ball of fire looking for a job! As soon as we met her, we knew right away this was a girl meant for flyball. She has high tug and ball drive and we're still trying to convince her that tennis balls really are not a food group.

At only 13 lbs, Bunny looks like a tiny version of a red heeler, her coloring and build and smarts makes us think herding dog. Throw in a mix of Jack Russell, and you get a dog that lives and breathes competition. We like to call her a Cattle/Jack, but in reality, we have no idea what she is, but what we do know is that she's a lot of fun.

Bunny excels in any sport she tries, agility, frisbee freestyle, and of course flyball. She's also an avid swimmer and anytime we take her swimming, we have to take extra balls. If her ball sinks, we're afraid she'll dive to the bottom of the lake for it, so we always have a spare ball to offer her.

 Watch Bunny play flyball on YouTube.

Watch Bunny and Lib racing pairs at U-Fli.

Watch Bunny race with Bone To Run at Reliant in July 2010.



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