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We teach the game of flyball in stages. By breaking it up into stages, we are able to build focus and motivation in safe comfortable steps for you and your dog. We use positive training methods as flyball is all about motivation and fun. If you would like to find out more about flyball and or inquire about classes please contact us.

What your dog will learn

  • How to bring a ball back over jumps
  • How to do a box turn
  • How to do running passes with other dogs
  • How to have a fast immediate recall


Ella and Rocky learning how to go over the jumps.

Flyball Classes Flyball Classes 2

Box work

Callic, Rocky, Idgie, and Ella at different stages of learning how to do a proper turn on the box.

Flyball Classes Box Work Flyball Classes Box Work 2
Flyball Classes Box Work 3 Flyball Classes Box Work 4

Click here to download a PDF version of our class brochure.

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