NAFA CRN: 050143
Jump Height: 10 inches
FD=04/16/05 FDX=05/22/05 FDCh=06/04/05 FDCH-S=08/06/05 FDCH-G=10/01/05 FM=01/29/06 FMX= 7/22/2007

U-Fli Run#:2013
Jump Height: 8 inches
TF= 7/1/2006 TF-I= 7/2/2006 TF-II= 8/18/2007 TF-III= 8/18/2007

Other Titles:
Nicknames: Tim-Tim, Timmay-dog

Timmay! is visiting from Mindi Orey in Minnesota. We absolutely adore him. Although he looks like a puppy he is actually full grown. He is a very sweet man who does not know a stranger. He can wiggle his way into anyone's heart!! We are excited about making him an integral part of CIA's NAFA and U-Fli flyball teams. He is our height dog for our Division 1 regular team. He was a part of ToughSpun and Balls Out flyball teams while he was in Minnesota.

Timmay! is a very focused dog and has only one thing on his mind- playing ball. He is a very persistant little guy. Be warned if you started playing ball with him- I told you so!!

Timmay melts hearts with those cute little expressions! Who can resist such a look!

Who me?!?!?

What a nice point for a dog that does not have any sporting dog in him :-)

Oh the things we do when dogs are sleeping!!!

It is a great pleasure to welcome Timmay! to the crew! Thank you so much Mindi for giving us this opportunity and trusting us to take care of the little Timmay!