Shannon's Fine Brandy Wine "Brandy"

DOB: 7/1/1999
FD=09/16/00 FDX=09/16/00 FDCH=01/27/01 FDCH-S=02/11/01 FDCH-G=09/08/01 FM=04/20/02 FMX=11/22/03 FMCH=09/18/04 ONYX=07/16/05 FGDCH= 4/22/2007

U-FL #: 128
Jump Height: 10 inches
TF= 5/27/2006 TF-I=5/28/2006 TF-II= 5/28/2006 TF-III= 8/26/2006 TFE= 4/15/2006

Other Titles: RN HSAs STDs HTADI CGC
Nicknames: "Brandina Bordina Collie" and "Budina"

Brandy began competing in 2000. She debuted in Westminster, Maryland and ran a 4.3. She was never taught a swimmer's turn so she has only be able to get down to 4.01. As she reaches vetrans age she now setles in between 4.4-4.6 seconds. She runs in any position. Brandy was not any easy dog to train. She would cheat on the lane and turn and come back just to race the other dog. She still does not like to get beat and races the other team. She is also VERY ball obsessed and believes every ball in the runback area is hers and needs to be gathered up. In her former life I think she was a ballshagger :-) I did try to get her to tug when she was younger. She will tug off the lane but when she is racing she sees only the balls. When I asked at a seminar about fighting her to get her to switch to the tug I was asked, "Do you think it will make her run faster? If not, why fight it?" She now runs just for the pure excitement of running and knowing there is a ball waiting at the end of the lane. Unfortunately she is pobably best known for her high shrill bark as she waits to run. It is because if this that we are often found outside waiting to run so that we spare the hearing of those around us.

In her spare time she likes to herd- cats, sheep, other dogs- it is all the same. She competes in AKC, ASCA, AHBA, and USBCHA herding trials. She has earned her RN. she did not like it since it was way to slow but she did as she was told. She is also trained in agility and has 1 NA agility leg.