Willoughby Workshop Flyball Box Modifications

Steve Schwarz

Throughout the years Black Sheep Squadron have used single hole boxes, Chris Knowlton three hole boxes, and recently a Willoughby Workshop three hole flyball box. After attending a really informative Flyball class taught by Rebecca ??? of ???, discussing box tuning and features with a number of Flyballers I came up with some ideas and applied them to our Willoughby Box. I thought I'd put this page together to outline some of my ideas and solutions in the hope that they might be of use to others in the sport.

What's Wrong?

We already knew something wasn't really adjusted optimally on our box as two of our faster dogs were taking bites of matting when they went for the ball. After watching video of dogs taking the ball from the box we saw they were getting their mouths to the hole just slightly before the ball was being fired to them.

We also noticed that some of our more timid dogs (one's that trigger the box by pawing not by jumping as they should when doing a swimmer's turn) weren't comfortable transitioning to the new box as the pedal pressure to trigger the ball release



Location of the ball when loaded in the box - as far out of the box as it will stay