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Location: All Dogs Gym
505 Sheffield Road
Manchester, NH 03103
Contact: Jean MacKenzie
email: jean@alldogsgym.com
The Core
"The Core" is made up of all of our dogs that currently run in tournaments. While tournament teams are often "Mix & Match," depending on Handler availability (Heaven knows, the dogs would play everytime!), we do have a few stable teams where the lineup remains fairly constant. Check out all the players!
The Greenies
"The Greenies" are the Up & Comers. These guys haven't had a chance to strut their stuff in a tournament setting as of yet, but you can bet great things are right around the corner. Watch out for these guys!
The Over the Hill Gang
They may be retired, but they are certainly not forgotten. Amongst our retired friends are some of the All Dogs Flyball original members, and some were the very first to run flyball competitively in New England. Give up some major props to this bunch of grizzled veterans!

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