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Have you seen flyball yet? This dog relay race has been featured on ESPN, Animal Planet, and is rapidly gaining in popularity in the Northeast.

All Dogs Gym was first to bring flyball to New England. In January 1996 we sponsored our first flyball seminar. Since then we've had lots of firsts. All Dogs Flyball Team was the first team in New England. We hosted the first Regional Flyball Tournament in 1998. Participation in our tournaments has skyrocketed and so has the popularity of this fun sport. There are now several teams throughout New England, making the competition a lot more interesting, and definitely more exciting. Not only is flyball great fun for both dogs and handlers, it is easy to learn and is one of the most amazing spectator sports you can imagine.

A team consists of four dogs and handlers in a relay race against another team. Each dog races down the flyball lane (51'), clearing 4 hurdles to the flyball box. When the dog hits the front of the spring loaded box, it releases a ball. The dog grabs the ball, and returns over the four hurdles to the start/finish line. Then the second dog goes, and so on. (For more information on the sport: http://www.flyballdogs.com)

Flyball is a great outlet for the energetic dog, and is great exercise for all dogs. In our flyball class, your dog will learn to operate the flyball box, jump low hurdles and run the flyball lane to the box and back to you. You'll learn the fundamentals of the sport.

And then we have weekly flyball practice. Whether you just want to have fun, or are interested in joining our flyball team to compete and earn titles, come and learn more about it.

With our training methods, any dog can learn and have fun with flyball. If you'd like to come and see the sport in action, give us a call for practice times. Click here for information about our flyball class. Or email or phone (603) 669-4644 or (800) 872-4669.

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