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ADGW Team Statistics


Many, many, many thanks to Geoff Brown of DogGoneFast (DGF) in Raleigh, NC who wrote the programs used to generate nearly all of the following files. Geoff also provided excellent tech support! In case you're curious, here's the DGF Team Statistics webpage.


Cool stuff!


Individual dog statistics: Lists the following data for all the dogs who are currently running with ADGW.

  • Name, breed, owner, CRN, jump height
  • Current point total
  • Current title
  • Fastest split time and best average time for each jump height
  • This file also contains links to customized versions of each dog's NAFA racing history (click on dog's name) and links to detailed listings of all the teammates throughout each dog's racing career (click on dog's CRN).

    Note that:

    • ANIMATED FLAME = a new personal best split or best average of all time (across all jump heights)
    • RED = new title or new best time or new best average at the most recent tournament
    • BLUE = new data for a jump height at the most recent tournament


Individual dog tournament history: Lists the following data for current ADGW dogs for each tournament they have run with with the club.

    • Date
    • Jump height
    • Number of valid splits
    • Fastest split time
    • Average time


Points till next title (with multibreed points in BLUE and traditional points in RED)

Club records

ADGW dogs in NAFA's top 100 breed rankings -- as of 1/13/17

Region 18 Title/Points/Standings -- as of 1/13/17

Region 18 Multibreed Title/Points/Standings -- as of 12/11/16

Stats for inactive and former ADGW members


Splits data and detailed results


Images depicting how to interpret the raw splits data and the detailed results files (for data acquired since 2007).



Team histories










Other clubs' teams with ADGW dogs